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Assessment for Quality Improvement (AQI)

The Assessment for Quality Improvement (AQI) outlines clear expectations, service standards and guidelines for child care providers who have a service contract with the City. Each program at PCH is assessed by the AQI team annually on an impromptu basis to determine the quality of the programs. We strive for exemplary AQI scores in all of our programs, meeting the highest standards of quality.

The AQI draws on the following key elements that are essential for a high quality child care program:

  • Program content and development

  • Health & Safety standards of the physical facility

  • Training, experience and stability of caregivers

  • Group size; ratio of children to caregivers

  • Family involvement in the program

  • Sound management practices

  • Staff and children interactions

To see PCH's AQI scores, visit the City of Toronto Website.

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