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Testimonials From PCH Families

"My child has been at PCH since he was a toddler. Today, seven years later, I can say it was one of the best decisions we have ever made for him. Throughout my child's progress through the different age programs, his educators have shown deep understanding and concern about my child's needs from an educational/behavioural aspect. They have also fostered his development as an individual with a unique perspective and identity. The management team work unflaggingly to ensure high quality child care that exceeds industry standards. They show leadership, pride and dedication in creating a nurturing, safe and welcoming environment for all families. My only disappointment regarding PCH is that we will outgrow the centre after next year.  Any other child care will be disappointing in comparison."

- Emma

"PCH has been one of the best things to happen to our family. Over eight years and three kids, PCH and all of its magnificent staff have been like a third creative, kind, fun, and energetic parent. We absolutely love PCH."

- Roy & Danielle

"It has been a few weeks since my son started in the Sweet Pea room and I must tell you how great it has been. His language has developed dramatically since starting. He is happy to be there, and my husband and I are happy to leave him in your care. The Educators in that room and the floaters we have come to know are all fantastic!  We can not imagine a more nurturing and stimulating place for him to grow.  Thank you!" 

- Pam

"Our children have grown up at Pape Children’s House. From the moment they joined as toddlers, the team of caregivers has been loving, patient, funny, creative and energetic. The kids have built friendships that will last a lifetime and they have developed bonds with their teachers that make them feel secure and understood each day. We trust the team completely and are grateful for the role they play in raising our children to be kind, confident and happy."

- The Branch Family

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