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We invite you click on the link below to add your child to our waitlist. Please submit one application per child.

Waitlist Policy

It is often the case that the demand for spaces at PCH is greater that the number of spaces available. This waitlist is intended to fairly allocate the resources at PCH in accordance with the needs of children and the policies and concerns of PCH. We strongly encourages families who think that their child may, in the future, need a space at PCH to fill out an application and put their child(ren)'s name(s) on the wait list as soon as possible. No fee is required to add your child to our waitlist. After you've submitted your application, if you don't receive an e-mail response within 7 business days, please call us to confirm your application was received.


The following outlines Priority Placement at PCH:


Subject to Suitability, if and when a childcare space becomes available for a particular age category,
applicants will be selected based on the date they were placed on the wait list within each of the following groups, starting with Group 1 and continuing through the subsequent Groups, if necessary. If there is more than one child with equal priority within the relevant Group, a lottery will be held to determine who will receive that spot.


Group 1 Children who were previously registered at PCH but were withdrawn because of space availability. In this regard, the child’s original start date at PCH will be deemed to be the relevant date for this purpose.

Group 2 Siblings of children presently in the Centre* and children of current PCH Educators**

Group 3 Next child most age appropriate on the waitlist

Group 4 Others

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